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The complete IT eCommerce platform for IT- & telecom distributors and manufacturers

Adding value and cutting costs 

Complex distributor chains made easy 

Distbox equips distributors and manufacturers within IT- & telecom with the tools needed to simplify complex processes and cut excessive transaction costs. With Distbox, you can easily manage your web store as well as set up sub shops tailored to local markets or collaborate with your retailers, all within the same platform. 

Distbox gives you control over the entire value chain, from procurement to distribution. You can establish your presence in multiple markets or cater to specific business partners, ensuring your products reach the right customers at the right time. While cutting costs and enhancing the efficiency of your workflow, Distbox is here to let you focus on what matters: growing your business. 

Distbox is offered as a software service, providing you with regular updates, new features and options to keep you ahead of your competitors.


Key features

  • World Class Content – The product catalog is provided by the 1WorldSync Datasource service, the Global leader in structured CE/IT product information.

  • Seamless ERP and eCommerce integration.

  • Multi channels to the market with shop-in-shop for retailers.

  • Easy setup for additional stores for local markets with local language and multi-currency.

  • Easy price management with a market leading and powerful price management tool.

Benefits for you

  • Reduced transaction costs.

  • Support back-office and sales in their day-to-day operations.

  • Increased revenue and profit.

  • Sustainable growth.

  • Better customer experience.


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