Netset Changes Leadership After 25 Years - New Markets on the Horizon

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Published 20 Nov 2023

Netset Changes Leadership After 25 Years - New Markets on the Horizon

E-commerce company Netset is ramping up its efforts towards international expansion. Leading this initiative is Sam Aston, the new CEO. Jens Rosberg, Netset’s founder and former CEO for the past 25 years, will continue with the company as the Head of International Sales.

Market leading e-commerce solution provider Netset was founded in Malmö in 1998 and recognized the potential of digital retail platforms early on. Since its launch, the company has experienced continuous growth. Netset currently generates an annual turnover of 100 million Swedish Kronor and holds the leading position in the Nordics when it comes to providingB2B e-commerce solutions for the IT and telecom sector.

The customer base ranges from small and medium-sized businesses to larger enterprises such as Atea, Advania, TD SYNNEX, Telia, and Tietoevry. In 2021, Netset was acquired by the Nordic software group Progrits, marking the beginning of a long-term plan to scale up internationally. Sam Aston has been appointed as the new CEO and will lead the expansion effort, taking over the role of Jens Rosberg after 25 years.

"It’s been an incredible journey from our beginnings as true pioneers in the industry to creating a premium e-commerce solution for IT distributors and resellers. Today, we operate in the UK, France, and Denmark, and have recently entered the Norwegian market. However, we’re set on scaling up and increasing the pace of expansion even more. The CEO transition has been a part of our plan for a while, but we wanted to find the right person, which we now have with Sam Aston. Now, I will have the opportunity to focus on our international and more complex clients and projects," says Jens Rosberg, co-founder and former CEO of Netset, who now assumes the role of Head of International Sales.

Sam Aston has a long background in the IT and software industry, most recently as the CEO of technology consulting firm Additude. In addition, he has extensive experience with the strategic work required for companies looking to expand into new markets.

"I’ve been familiar with Netset for some time. It’s very exciting to join the company and continue its success story. The company is already established in several markets outside the Nordic region. However, we and the owners agree that there is untapped potential and a great opportunity to further develop these markets. The goal now is to succeed with our growth strategy while maintaining the company's excellent profitability and pride," says Sam Aston.

Today, Netset has approximately 60 employees, most of them working at their headquarters in Malmö, Sweden.

"I’m really looking forward to working closely with the competent team at Netset and together continue our exciting growth journey. It feels especially rewarding to lead an organization that’s driven by innovation and creating such outstanding products. Netset's solutions have long been at the forefront of driving profitability for customers. Now, we will continue to revolutionize the IT and telecom industry and bring the revolution to new markets," concludes Sam Aston.


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Sam Aston
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Head of International Sales
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