iteam’s advanced IT eCommerce under one system with Netset

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Case study: iteam

iteam’s advanced IT eCommerce under one system with Netset


Norwegian-based iteam is a newly created IT-retailer dealing with both hardware and software. In addition, iteam also offers IT-support from high-end consultants helping businesses make the most out of IT. With over 350 employees spread all over Norway, iteam is taking the Nordic market by storm.

With a lot of moving parts and constant expansion, iteam needed a solution for combining several web shops from their acquisitions into one unified system. After reviewing several options, the choice landed on Netset and their leading B2B eCommerce solution Nettailer Drive.

We’ve spoken to Thor Gunnar Hammervold, System Manager for purchasing hardware and software at iteam, about the unmatched value they receive from their partnership with Netset as they continue to grow.

Nettailer Drive provides full supplier-integrations

One of the companies that iteam acquired was working with Netset and the partnership worked so well that iteam wanted to implement Netset’s solutions for the entire iteam group. In 2021, iteam subsequently began using Nettailer Drive on a global level. Since iteam has seven different sub shops, it was important that they had a system where they could make changes that automatically applied to all of their web shops at the same time.

”When we were trying to figure out which system we wanted to use, we saw that Netset made it possible for us to create one unified web shop with several sub shops. We’re still growing and expanding so it’s definitely the best solution for us,” says Thor.

iteam started with a smaller number of large suppliers but has since then integrated into more than 20 different Nordic distributors.

”Netset has full integrations with the biggest and best suppliers in The Nordics. Full integration means that we get tracking numbers, serial numbers and everything we need with our purchasing orders. So that’s very good, it’s one of their main strengths. Not many systems provide all of that at that professional level,” says Thor.

iteam’s favorite tools in their Nettailer Drive:

  • Procurement tool: The procurement tool for purchasing allows iteam to compare cost price and stock between suppliers to offer their end-customers the most affordable deal.

  • Pricing tool: Nettailer Drive’s level of pricing is very advanced and allows iteam to create different price lists that allow them to price individual customers separately or through customer groups.

  • Marketing module: When iteam wants to make a change in their web shops, the flexible marketing features make sure they can make edits in one place, and they’ll be applied to all of iteam’s sub shops. Also, it allows iteam to present certain products or pricing only to specific customers or customer groups.

  • Good & fast ERP-integration possibilities: Netset provides great tools to develop ERP-integrations into their system.


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A valuable partnership in the middle of iteam’s growth journey

Being in the middle of their extensive growth journey, iteam has continual contact and support with Netset. Whether it’s new integrations or updates regarding features, iteam and Netset place a lot of importance in good communication.

”They always keep us updated on which features are coming in their next update. They’re very involved in our operations and needs, so they can quickly see what we lack and what we wish to have. They keep us in the loop all the time so that we don’t waste time and resources on something that they’re already developing,” says Thor.

Thanks to iteam’s partnership with Netset they’ve made supplier connections that would have been hard for them to find elsewhere. As a relatively new company, the relationship with Netset has become increasingly valuable for iteam.

”Netset imports orders and customers from the companies that we’ve acquired and expanded with. We rely on Netset to help us import order history, customers and other important aspects according to best practice. We are still learning from our mistakes and Netset helps us with that. They are very good at not letting us make the same mistake twice.”


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A Norwegian expansion that streamlined support

In addition, Netset recently hired a Norwegian country manager. Since iteam is a Norwegian-based company, the new addition has made the partnership stronger and more efficient than ever before.

”The Norwegian country manager has made the response time even better. It has always been good, but now it’s even better, so we’re very satisfied. It’s just a very good atmosphere in our meetings. We can both be friendly and also cut to the chase when we’re looking for a solution to a problem.”

Going forward, Netset is proud to be a part of iteam’s continuous rise on the Nordic market.

”I would definitely recommend Netset. All in all, it’s a good relationship. I don’t think I’ve met anyone at Netset who hasn’t been nice or professional,” says Thor.


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