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Ensure quick and efficient distribution chains between you as an IT- & telecom distributor and your resellers

Streamlined distribution chains 

The strategic choice for distributors 

Becoming a trusted partner of Netset gives IT- & telecom distributors and manufacturers a way to offer resellers a direct and streamlined channel to make efficient orders from their catalogue. This allows distributors to get an established and ready-made channel already compatible with hundreds of large resellers across the world.

Partnering with Netset is a strategic decision that not only simplifies distributors' operations but also delivers tangible benefits to their bottom line. In a landscape marked by rising costs and increasingly complex distribution chains, ensuring optimal delivery times and a superior customer experience is crucial for keeping valued customers satisfied and maintaining profitability. 

Stay competitive by creating new and improved distribution chains with sought-after resellers. Join the Netset Partnership and take the next step in advancing your distribution strategy and securing a stronger market presence. 

Benefits for you

  • Set up feeds to new resellers in no-time

  • Deliver to resellers across country boarders

  • Minimize transaction costs and raise your margins

  • Ensure fast and swift orders and keep your customers happy

  • A long-term partnership enabling sustainable growth

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