How to increase your profits and start scaling up as a B2B IT reseller

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How to increase your profits and start scaling up as a B2B IT reseller

How to increase your profits and start scaling up as a B2B IT reseller

IT reseller's challenges: 

Growing competition: Today’s digital opportunities make it possible for businesses around the world to compete for the same customers.  

Manual order processing:Endless data entry, emails, and phone calls eat away at your day. This leaves no time for strategic growth and results in larger costs overall. 

Shrinking margins: High transaction costs and inefficient workflows squeeze your profits, making it harder to compete on a competitive market.

Demanding customers:Your B2B clients expect a seamless online experience, real-time product information, and competitive pricing – all while maintaining strict security standards. 

What IT resellers need: 

Automated order processing:Eliminate manual data entry and errors with seamless integration between you, your distributors, and your B2B customers.  

Secure recurring business:Create life-long customers B2B customers with a user-friendly platform that allows them to place orders quickly and efficiently.  

Scalability for growth:Handle even the largest and most complex B2B tenders and orders. Seamlessly manage massive product catalogues and meet the demands of your growing customer base.  

Boost your margins:Reduce operational costs and optimise pricing with automated workflows. Deliver competitive prices while maximising your profit potential. 

The solution: An all-encompassing 
system for excellent IT eCommerce
business & processes

Nettailer is an all-in-one eCommerce solution designed specifically for IT- & telecom resellers catering to B2B and public sector.
With direct integration to the largest IT distributors in the world, it provides an efficient platform that delivers advanced
B2B and B2G features to meet customer satisfaction across various markets. This not only leads to more streamlined processes for you as a
reseller but also your customers, ensuring recurring business.

Direct integration to global IT distributors

The value IT resellers can expect

Tailor-make or out-of-the-box: Quickly receive a web shop with ready-made integrations and functions but keep the possibility to customise and make developments to fit your specific needs.

Reduced time-to-market: Launch new products and services faster with streamlined workflows.

Streamlined order processing: Automate tasks and eliminate errors for improved efficiency.

Increased recurring sales:Foster better customer relationships with a superior buying experience. 

Increased margins:Reduce operational costs and optimize pricing with our advanced tools. Deliver competitive prices to your customers while boosting your profitability.

A trusted partner:Don’t just implement an eCommerce solution, receive a partner that helps you grow, provide ongoing support and fast contact.

Enhanced customer satisfaction:Provide a self-service platform your clients will love.

Competitive advantage in the market:Future-proof your business with a modern and scalable solution. 

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